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St John the Baptist Church

The church, which has existed for over 200 years, is thought to be the only semi-detached church in England with a private house next door, and is also one of the smallest.

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St John the Baptist Church
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In its early years, the church was served by laymen, with only one Sunday service in the summer months. These days there are services every Sunday (see below), served by the Brereton and Rugeley Team Ministry and well attended by village residents.

At one time the church was under the care of James Stretton, who also kept the Slitting Mill Post Office.

Church Etching

Etching of the Church
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At the end of 2008 the church of St. John had a very appropriate addition to the church furniture. At the Christmas Carol Service the wooden figure of St. John the Baptist carved by Joe Wootton was dedicated.
Any work of art takes time to produce. The first decision was the form the figure should take; Joe took his inspiration from the stained glass windows of Pre-Raphaelite figures he had seen in a village church near Kidderminster in Worcestershire, perhaps some of you may recognise the likeness.
Then he had to find a suitable piece of wood. He chose a piece of spalted beech, which gives a colour to the wood caused by fungus in the wood. It has to be caught just at the right age when the wood is still solid.

St John carving.JPG (433242 bytes)

St. John the Baptist carving
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We have a booklet for sale on the history of St. John's Church, priced at only 1.50. If you would like a copy please email us for details on how to obtain one, or come along to our Sunday Service in church where they are available. Proceeds in aid of our church. Thank you.


Church of St. John the Baptist
Slitting Mill

 Sunday Services at 9.00 am

Holy Communion  (2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays)
Morning Prayer  (1st & 3rd Sundays)


The Parish of Brereton & Rugeley

Our church is part of the Parish of Brereton & Rugeley. Have a look at our website  breretonandrugeleyparish for details of all the churches in our parish.


A group of magnificent Nativity figures were carved in Lime by Joe Wootton and Dedicated in 2007 for use at St. Augustine's Church in Rugeley. Click on the small thumbnail to see a photograph.
Nativity Figures.jpg (474867 bytes)


Take a look at photographs from the Flower Festival held at St. Augustine's Church, Rugeley in 2007.


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